Aurumcoin(AU) SHA256 launched on 25.09.2014 by anonymous developer. It seemed to be a experimental blockchain for a digital currency. Many miners were in, the blockchain was stable and the premine was low. After short time many pools and some exchanges supported Aurumcoin(AU). At this time a lot of exchanges went down by hacking. A lot of Aurumcoin(AU) coins were stolen or lost (5-10%). claimed to be the official homepage of Aurumcoin (AU), but without using the original logo of the Bitcointalk thread, and came up with the idea to backup the coin with gold. A long discussion was started about scam and a possible contact to other coins that were suspicioned to scam. It cannot be questioned that Aurumcoin(AU) was originally started for scam by a nameless person/institution. After the scammer lost control of Aurumcoin(AU), the Aurumcoin(AU) community pushed the coin with new mining Pools and Exchanges. announced a campaign on Indiegogo in April 2016 to collect money for the backup of the coin with gold. Therefore the community collected 15k Aurumcoin(AU) on a separate Wallet to spend the coins to, if they would use the blockchain Aurumcoin(AU). But the campaign was stopped by Indiegogo security team after a short time and the collected Aurumcoin(AU) coins refunded to the sender. In December 2016 announced a new campaign to start on Indiegogo for January 2017. In this campaign used an other blockchain than Aurumcoin(AU). At this point the Aurumcoin(AU) community got apart from The campaign was stopped after a few days by the Indiegogo security Team again. After separation the Aurumcoin(Au) community needed a new website and social media.
The website started on 15.01.2017.
You can read this summary of Aurumcoin(AU)'s history in the Bitcointalk (old and latest), shown on Forum and Social.

07.07.2017 (one world one Coin) posted on Facebook:
"We consider to back-up this coin in future with pure gold if coin value reaches the destination: 1AU =1KG/1 OZ (pure gold 24K)."
21.12.2017 (one world one Coin) posted on Facebook:
"We are not related to any new ico based on ethereum. As said, we intend to support AurumCoin(AU) that has its own blockchain since 2014."

On 04.03.2018 we upgraded to new Core Version 0.12.1 for Aurumcoin(AU) Wallet.

On 02.04.2018 we updatet to new Core Version 0.12.2 for Aurumocin(AU) Wallet.

On 16.07.2018 we updatet to new Core Version 0.12.4 for Aurumcoin(AU) Wallet.
This update was a hard fork for faster blockchain.

On 17.07.2018 CPOO/Newcoin opened the exchange for Aurumcoin(AU).

On 06.08.2018 opened the exchange for Aurumcoin(AU) with pairs BTC/ETH/USD.
It is possible Listex is a scam exchange (coin trap). Please dont use this exchange till we have other information

On 18.08.2018 Crypto Hub opened the exchange for Aurumcoin(AU) with pairs BTC.